Things to Remember: 

You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

You are a UNIQUE and PERFECT expression of Divine Intelligence.

Your dreams matter.  Your thoughts matter. Your voice matters.  


EVERY MOMENT of your life has been Divinely choreographed and crafted with great care – EVEN THE MOST PAINFUL.

You are part of a mysterious and magnificent whole, and the world wouldn’t be complete without you.

You are capable of great things and you are here for a REASON!

Maybe you were created to be a teacher whose message will reach millions. 

Maybe you were created to care for the kids in your neighborhood.  

Both are tremendously valuable — and neither of these is better than the other.  

Everything you seek exists within you.  Dig Deep.  You WILL find it.

You will FORGET … and it will be painful, but God never stops calling you HOME or Answering Your Prayers.

When in doubt, slow down.

Breathe. Have FAITH and make space to listen deeply.

God speaks in whispers.

There are no mistakes, only opportunities for learning. 

FEAR is one of your greatest teachers.  

Honor it.  Learn from it.  And when you’re ready, move through it.  

Your deepest Healing and Transformation lie on the other side of it. 

Be COURAGEOUS.  Be BOLD.  Give everything you’ve got. 

Love is always the answer.  


Forgive yourself and othersespecially when it feels like the hardest thing to do

You are not ALONE.  You are NOT alone.

YOU are not alone.

Open your HEART and receive.

You are more deeply LOVED than you can possibly imagine.

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