What Are You Waiting For?

Last week I announced that I recently discovered a lump on my thyroid.

In the newsletter, I mentioned that I have an appointment on Oct. 9 to have a biopsy to see exactly what is going on inside of the lump, thus determining a course of action for healing it.

Since writing that last newsletter, I read through the findings from the radiologist. I discovered that while 95% of all masses that grow on the thyroid are benign, there are several indicators that can be linked to, or are characteristic of, cancer.

The nodule in my neck, which is growing at a pretty rapid speed –it is now noticeable when looking at my neck, whereas last week I had to palpate inside my neck to feel it — has three of those characteristics.

Luckily, I am not freaking out!

However, now that cancer is a very real possibility, the waiting feels different, and Oct. 9th feels really, really far away.

While I was lying in bed the other night, I was thinking about waiting. Not only waiting for my biopsy, but all of the other “waiting” I do.

Which is really just a way for me to put off being seen, exposed, vulnerable…

And I began to wonder about you.

What dreams have you been putting off, as you “wait” for a more perfect time?

Like when:

  • The perfect relationship materializes, or when your marriage gets better…
  • You have more money…
  • Your kids to be older…
  • You are less stressed our….
  • You have taken another class…
  • You’ve got more time…
  • You lose those last 10 (30 or 50) lbs…

Whatever it is you may be waiting for, I’m here to ask you to please stop.

Spirit is calling you.

If you know deep in your heart that you are here to be in service in a deep and palpable way, please trust that.

Do something today to move you closer to your dream manifesting in the world and having the impact you are truly here to make.

If you feel blocked or stuck or like you sincerely want to move forward but can’t let’s talk.

I am more committed than ever to facilitating the healing I am here to do. My gift, in part, is helping YOU open your heart and clear away the fear so you can step more powerfully into being exactly who you were created to be, so that you can have the impact you feel called to make.

Nothing like the possibility of CANCER to light a fire under my ass, let me tell ya!

My guide, Sidi, always says to us, “Be the son or daughter of your moment”…

I now understand what he means.

Whatever you are waiting for, please stop.

The time, YOUR TIME, is now.

The urgency you feel is real…

What is one small step you can do today to move in the direction you feel called to make?



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