Yesterday, my friend, Delaram, and I met for lunch at one of my favorite local spots. We shared heart-felt conversation, over a cup of Chai and a steak sandwich, which was delicious by the way! YUM… Delaram is a Virtues … Read More

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes & Making Things Easier

Do you ever feel like your life could be defined by the soundtrack of music that randomly plays into your head? It is true for me, A LOT! And today, David Bowie is making a personal appearance as I contemplate … Read More

Right On Time (Divine Time, That Is)

We live in a culture that is obsessed with instant gratification (and virtually 24/7 access to whatever we want). And yet, sometimes the things we long for (and know in our deep heart to be true), actually take a long … Read More

The Size Of My Thighs Do Not Define Me

This post was inspired by, and is in response to, a FB post where someone I love was publicly shaming themselves for “eating too many breadsticks” while on vacation. She “jokingly” made a comment about needing someone to smack her … Read More

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