Tryshe Dhevney

“As a business owner, I’m familiar with hustling. I’ve even learned how to marry my heart and my hustle. But sometimes… I get stuck. Sometimes… I don’t know what’s in the way. That’s where Jenn comes in. Jenn’s ability to tune in, explore your inner world, and re-introduce you to your BEST self is unparalleled. I was blown away in one session. AND sometimes when you do energetic work, you can walk away feeling loopy. After my session with Jenn, I felt calmer, clearer, and more peaceful than I have in months. This inner work, this return to self, is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. From this sacred space, our work unfolds more effortlessly and divinely. Thank you!”

-Lisa Steadman

Lisa Steadman

It is a scientific fact that when something is observed, it changes. Jenn has a gift for holding space, inviting Light, and asking the questions or making observations that inspire transformation. I felt the magnitude of support available to me, not only from the Universe in its entirety, but through her specifically in our time together. I am looking forward to seeing what manifests in the months ahead. The awareness and support that Jenn lovingly and insightfully connected me to was vast indeed.
Tania von Allmen

Tania von Allmen

Thank you Jenn! I came to you with a desire to open myself to receive. I’d been in a position of working in a job that smothered my true self and generated some seriously thick protective walls.

When my situation changed allowing me to step fully into being an entrepreneur, I quickly discovered that most of my walls were still in tact, making receiving clients, money, and support was very difficult.

In one short hour tapping into your unique visionary process my walls were torn down with a remarkable gentleness and ease.

It’s only been 24 hours since our session and already 3 new opportunities have shown up. I feel different. Confident. More focused and I’m “transmitting” clearly who I am and what I desire. As a result I am able to receive all the good that has been aligning on my behalf.

My deep gratitude to you for showing up in the world so fully and touching my life so deeply with your gift.

Paula Mosier

“Jenn, I feel blessed to have found you. I really appreciate your sharp mind married with soulful intuition. You have a rare gift: keen intuitive marketing and sensitive intuitive heart healing, skills that combine to tease out the truest expression of my work. You make the unseen obvious and bring intangibles into form, like going from black and white to 3d color! I look forward to working together more!”

-Claire Sierra, MA, Art Therapist and Soul Retreat Guide at

Claire Sierra

Before working with Jenn I was out of alignment with myself. I was caught in an endless cycle of “busy” and yet, I couldn’t find value in anything I was doing. The to-do list was never ending. I was frustrated and stuck and was tired of running as fast as I could, but feeling like I hadn’t gotten anywhere. I see now that the cycle I was in prevented me from really paying attention to the deeper call within me.

Working with Jenn helped me connect to my own inner garden, which is rich with a powerful creative force that I can now see the world needs. She helped me feel supported, seen, and deeply understood and our work helped me unlock my creativity. She has a potent gift of being in service to those who crave greater access to their inner truth.

She gently moved me forward with integrity and heart and helped me to bridge the gap between my soul and my earthly existence. I learned tools which made being present with challenges in my life easier. I now feel confident in and am making time for my creative endeavors on a regular basis. In addition I feel like I have found a balance between the time I spend with my family — and the importance of it — and the time I make for myself.


Adrienne Hays

Before working with Jenn, I was deep in search of purpose and a way out of an all consuming grief that had taken over me in the past three years. I felt like I was watching a movie of my own life and I was an observer of it, not a participant in it. Like George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life, I felt like I was standing on a bridge in the snow, pleading to God- “I just want to live again”. I truly believe I am capable of living a wonderful life, but I had just about given up on the notion that I was going to be happy or fulfilled again.

Working with Jenn gave me the tools I so desperately needed to come back into my body and find meaning, joy, and purpose. Through guided meditation, writing exercises, and a significant amount of thought provoking questions, I was able to make the journey back to being one with myself, and finding what makes my heart sing. I learned rewarding information about the chakras, the importance of proper sleep, as well as some tools for energetic practice.
This experience has been an abundance of revealing and reflection. For the past several years, I have only worn dark, neutral tones such as black and gray. I decorated my living space in white- there was no color to be found. It seemed unnecessary. I began to notice that after about a month of working with Jenn, color came creeping back into my life! I began to collect colorful artwork, a new rug, organized my books into a glorious rainbow on the shelf, and as of this writing, my wardrobe now includes a pair of red velvet pants!
I feel like I could work with Jenn the rest of my life- I have so much love and gratitude for being out of the weeds and back on my true, colorful, ALIVE path. Thank you! 
-Nicole Mion

Nicole Mion

I was going through a very difficult time when I reached out for Jenn’s help. The stress of my job had become physical and I was suffering from intense, debilitating headaches that were impossible to push through.

Jenn very gently created a safe space and connection between the two of us and within myself. When she began the invocation, something shifted almost immediately. She has one of those magical voices. I felt transported. I had a very real sense that I was being taken care of.

During the session, she guided me to the answers I was seeking. I discovered the root of what was causing my headaches and was able to release the tension almost immediately. That was over 6 months ago and I haven’t had a headache like that since. In fact, I’m so tuned in that if I feel a headache coming on, I know what to do now to stop it before it hits.

It is such an enormous relief to know what was happening and to know that I don’t ever have to suffer like that again; I have the answers I need. Thank you, Jenn, for creating a safe space and guiding me to the healing power within myself.

Kristin Kancler

Working with Jenn on my team was an absolute joy. She not only handled the tasks I hired her for with excellence – copywriting, launch scheduling, web design, team facilitation and much more – but she truly made my project her own. So many things I had not even thought of were either brought to my attention or just handled without me having to even get involved. She took the time to really get me and my mission and mastered the technical aspects of our offer with ease. If you are looking for a comprehensive partner to bring your big idea to life, you could not do better than Jenn Savage.

James Keeley

When you are in business for yourself, and are well beyond the start-up phase, you quickly learn there are a million paths you could take to move your business forward. What I loved about working with Jenn was her ability to zoom out and see the big picture, and then intuitively hone in on what to do now, so that we could build the company that we truly wanted.

I appreciate how she really listened to our needs and came back with ideas and possible solutions for us to consider. As a result of working with her, we updated our website, have a new opt-in with an automated welcome email sequence, and are rockin a weekly podcast / audio blog – a project that was born from our love of conversation, rather another should on our to do list. We have a business that doesn’t just keep us occupied, but that fulfills us. Thanks Jenn!

CEO Powerhouse, Inc.

Mark Tucker

When I started working with Jenn I was in a vulnerable place. There were several relationships in my life that were significantly stressed and I was barely getting by financially in my business. It was time to decide whether to honor my heart and my walk in the world and in my business, or whether it was time to compromise and take a different route by getting a higher paying job.
My hope in working with Jenn was to have a place where I felt protected, understood, and honored. I knew that I was headed into a rough spot where I was going to be asking (and answering) hard questions. I knew that I didn’t want to do it alone. I really needed to feel confident that I’d be able to stay connected to my heart.
The journey was exactly what I hoped it would be. We spent time in each session sitting quietly, connecting to my heart, asking and probing what felt true, what was in the way, and what were steps forward. Jenn is incredibly empathic and intuitive. She was able to deepen my personal experience and help me solidify my business focus.
Through our work I was able to make decisions about my business that led to more clients and more of the clients that I want to be working with. I took some bold steps and they are making a big difference.
Morgan Rich

Morgan Rich

Before working with Jenn I was stuck and disappointed with how my life was turning out. Empty accomplishments where piling up. I felt directionless and tired. I longed for passion and purpose. I had lost that burning zeal for life and the memory of it was painful.

Over the last 9 months, I worked with Jenn individually and participated in her workshops. I found both invaluable. She taught me simple, potent practices that helped access my spirit and my true desires. My dreams, which were stuffed deep down in my heart, have slowly unfolded. Clarity and freedom have replaced the fog of fear and conformity. I learned to open my heart and heed its direction.

Life is vibrant again, rich and full of blessings. I am deeply grateful. Jenn is a gifted teacher and healer. Her divine energy is contagious. If you are struggling to find connection, passion and meaning in your life, I highly recommend working with Jenn.


Kristin B

I found Jenn just after my father passed away. I was confused and angry and was looking for guidance and support. Jenn proved to be a tremendous asset upon my journey. She has provided me with more than I expected.

She has a powerful ability to help you tap into your heart and find what lies within. I leave each session feeling richer and transformed. The coaching and concrete guidance she is able to offer assists me in my immediate circumstances and sets me off on a smoother, more peaceful and more meaningful path than I had been on before I came to see her.

Jenn is truly a resource that I rely upon for the most precious of my life’s matters.


Fatima Ahmed

Jenn helps remove the cobwebs in your brain and the negative thoughts you carry around but don’t need. The way she does it is energizing – using visualization, meditation, and heartfelt conversations she’s able to unpack the layers and help you see your true self. It’s empowering!

As a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, I have often felt overwhelmed by all the possibilities and choices in front of me. Working with Jenn has helped me to tap into my heart, where the still small whisper of inner wisdom overrides my anxious mind, and I find solace and peace in my soul’s purpose and the direction it wants me to take!

Over the course of the last year, I left my full time job, married my partner, bought a house AND became pregnant. Having Jenn by my side to navigate these major life changes has been such a blessing. If you are looking for solid advise, based on both logic and intuition, and a guide to help you navigate and rest in your soul’s purpose, you can’t go wrong with Jenn.

Cali A.