Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes & Making Things Easier

Do you ever feel like your life could be defined by the soundtrack of music that randomly plays into your head?

It is true for me, A LOT!

And today, David Bowie is making a personal appearance as I contemplate some yummy and important ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, in both my personal life (and in my newly expanding business model).

More about that exciting news later…

As I get more and more clarity about what I want — and ultimately what it will take to get me there — I am aware of many things that I need to do differently.

One of those decisions, as you can see, was to change my CMS Content Management System (the way I stay in touch with you) from Aweber to Mail Chimp.


Because it is WAY easier to use…

And because I am committed to letting go of the things that no longer serve me, block me, or get in the way of me fulfilling my dreams and mission here on earth!

Earlier this year, I committed to being in more “regular” touch…

And yet, every time I tried to write a newsletter (or blog post), I got waylaid by one technology roadblock after another.

Has that ever happen to you? (Even if your thing isn’t sending out a regular newsletter…)

I’m curious to know…

What intentions do you set, or commitments have you made to yourself recently, that get derailed by internal or external roadblocks?

And how do you respond to them? Is the universe throwing you a curve ball? Do you know when to forge ahead, and when do you throw in the towel?

And how do those choices affect your capacity to achieve the dreams that live inside you?

When we are on the verge of something important, or life changing, (or something that means being more visible or vulnerable) we can be faced with growing pains – places in us that are required to stretch, or change – and as we all know, change is as uncomfortable AF! 

Embarrassingly, I have been fighting with myself (about Aweber) for 3 years.

Yes, 3 long years.

Wondering why I just couldn’t get it to work…and because I wasn’t able to “learn it” or make it work for me, it must surely mean that I wasn’t ready to serve, just yet.

Not in a big way.

I mean I can’t even figure out how to use the system for sending out an email newsletter…

And so the story went.


And then I had an epiphany. What if Aweber doesn’t work for me (not because I’m not smart enough to figure it out), but simply because it isn’t a good fit for me.

Period. No judgement. No blame.

Enter MailChimp.


Deep Breath.

Super easy. Intuitive.

Made for users like me.

And yet, it took me 3 years & countless hours of frustration to make a change.

Is there something in your life that isn’t working, or has never worked for you, that you’d like to let go of so that you can have more of what you truly desire?

Alternatively, what gets in your way?

And what are some ways you manage your growth edges?

They say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears and when the teacher is ready, the student appears.

I have had 6 people reach out to me this week.

Some of whom I’ve never met, some to deepen or reestablish a current connection, some personal, and some in business.

The energy shift is palpable and is showing up right before my eyes.

Time for ch-ch-ch-ch-change and I guess I am (finally) ready.

Are you?



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