The Power of YES!

I spent Saturday working with a group of beautiful + brave women in my Power of YES! workshop. We talked a lot about their desires to lead, love and live more fully — and also what gets in the way of that.

There were many tender moments where participants shared things like:
  • I want to open my heart, I just don’t know how to do it
  • I’ve been trying so hard to avoid getting hurt (again), that I haven’t given myself an opportunity to be loved
  • I can love others, but I can’t seem to let them in, to really see or love ME
  • I’m so afraid to be seen and don’t know how to share my authentic voice with others
  • I want to share my work with the world in a bigger way, but I am so afraid of being called out for being too “woo”
  • I’m so exhausted from doing what I feel Source is asking of me, but getting burned out by giving so much and receiving so little

If you are Highly Sensitive  or work in the healing field, as many of my clients are an do, I would imagine that many of these “stories” or beliefs are also familiar to you.   

As we move through the evolutionary process of awakening, it is normal to feel truth in each one of these statements. In fact, many of us have a lifetime of evidence and experiences that prove how risky it is to share our voices, open our hearts, or ask for more. We’ve stored up an arsenal of proof, (that act as veils that cover our heart), and prevent us from going “there” again.  

What we forget when we are doing this, is that we are infinite beings, born in the image of an awesome and omnipotent creator, who totally has our back, loves us deeply and wants us to have everything. I also believe it is our nature to be connected to, and share in the experience of Love – a source of connection that we are Divinely hardwired for. 

So how do we move beyond our little ‘s’ self and open our hearts to fully realize our potential? 

Return to the LOVE

When resistance, triggers, distractions and uncomfortable feelings arise, instead of shying away from the tenderness and vulnerability that comes with opening your heart, welcome it. Get present. And then lean in, tune in and give your whole self permission to just be.

If that doesn’t work, get out in nature and listen to the birds. They are singing you a love song. Notice the unencumbered elation children seem to naturally embody. Their joy, is your joy. Begin humming, or gently open your mouth and let an organic sound come out. Giving voice to your feelings is a powerful way to move the energy. 

Chose what works for you, and then say YES! with all of your heart.


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