Transmissions of Love™

Open Your Heart. Align With The Divine.
Answer The Call Of Your Heart.


Dear Fellow Soul Traveler,

You long to live a Divinely aligned and spiritually guided life. You are sincere in your desire to share your wisdom and gifts of healing with your tribe, for the betterment of the whole world.

And as we face the challenges of our time: racism & inequality, an increased exposure to acts of violence, climate change, and the personal chaos that comes with the current shift in consciousness -- your presence, voice, & gifts of healing are needed more than ever before.

We must be vigilant in our commitment to BE the Love, because when the “outer” presents itself in a way that is strong and challenging, it is easy to become overwhelmed or distracted by what is unfolding. And if we allow it, those inner voices will pull us out of alignment and will work to turn our hearts towards suffering and pain.

And yet, the still small voice within continues to beckon you…towards freedom, love, peace, ease and joy, and a deeper connection to humanity and the sacred truth that lives within.

This Call – the soul knowing that you are here to be, do, have and contribute something that truly matters–Is Real!

After nearly 20 years of being in the healing field, as a practitioner and participant, the only thing I know for certain, is this…

The only way to change what is happening OUT THERE is to change what is happening INSIDE your own heart, reality & consciousness.

Peace cannot exist in the world, when it doesn’t exist inside your own being.

And it doesn’t occur by hoping and wishing things were different…

It happens when you BECOME THE EMBODIMENT OF LOVE – and experience yourself as the lived expression of The Divine!

The Transmissions of Love™ inspired interview series was created to help you realign, remember and connect to your True Self, and the life that is calling you forth.

It is a safe and sacred space where you can be in community that deeply understands and supports you.

You can come to deepen your personal relationship with The Divine (however you define that) - knowing there is ONE generous, ever loving, ever present Source that provides for us, protects us, loves us and is guiding us HOME.

Together we will take a stand for Love & Equality of all people, and will open our hearts to receive healing from the stream of Divine Light & Love that moves through everything.

I invite you to fully embody, own and relish in the perfection that you are, so that you can go out into the world, making the profound and positive changes you feel called to make.


In the song, Closer to Fine, the Indigo Girls say

...Well darkness has a hunger that's insatiable.

And lightness has a call that's hard to hear...


Imagine a world where every single person has turned away from the loud, distracting voices of hatred and fear and are only attuned to the sweet subtle call of their Spirit. 


When Do You Meet?

Transmissions of Love™ is a place to gather our hearts and do our practices together. Thursday's at 10 am (Pacific)


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What Happens On Transmissions of Love™ Calls?

These calls are experiential - and based on what the group heart most needs. They will include deep and inspiring conversations with other Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs who have amazing things to offer. We may also do guided visualizations, mediations, story telling, prayer practices, chanting, poetry, or give may journal or art prompts to deepen the material, etc.

Cultivating a True Sense of Belonging Through The Power of the Group Heart

For so many spiritually oriented humans, the feeling of not belonging took root at a very early age. This wounding prevents us from saying YES to the deep longing we inside to share our voice, build our tribes and open up to receive connection, appreciation, love, money, etc.

When one of us steps up, gives rise to the truth, then voices it, lives it & becomes who they are meant to BE, it gives others permission to do the same.

So grab your prayer beads, a journal, and some tea…

Settle in and open to the flow of Love.

May we all experience the Light of The Divine, and get to know more fully who we are and what is being asked of us, and the world can be a beautiful place where we all have a seat at the table and are confidently sharing our unique voice in the universal choir!


…I learned to open my heart and heed it’s direction. Life is vibrant again, rich and full of blessings. I am deeply grateful. She is a gifted teacher and healer. Jenn’s divine energy is contagious. If you are struggling to find connection, passion and meaning in your life, I highly recommend working with Jenn…

Kristin B. — Physician Assistant


Jenn has an amazing way of seeing deep into the truth of who you are. She is a trusted teacher, mentor, healer, and guide…

-V LeJeune – LMT, Doula