What Is Heart Centered?

***Let’s add the video here Heart Centered is a state of being One that results in you Remembering Who. You. Are. I don’t mean the story you tell yourself about who you are. I Mean the Magnificent, Rich Truth. The … Read More


  Things to Remember:  You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are a UNIQUE and PERFECT expression of Divine Intelligence. Your dreams matter.  Your thoughts matter. Your voice matters.   YOU MATTER. EVERY MOMENT of your life … Read More

What Are You Waiting For?

Last week I announced that I recently discovered a lump on my thyroid. In the newsletter, I mentioned that I have an appointment on Oct. 9 to have a biopsy to see exactly what is going on inside of the … Read More

Feel The Fear

A few weeks ago I found a lump in my neck. Turns out, it is a fairly sizeable mass on my thyroid. I don’t yet know what caused it or why it’s growing, though I do have a biopsy scheduled … Read More

The Divine Law of Reciprocity

Opening to Receive & Boldly Taking What’s Yours Most people I know, would much rather give than receive. And yet, learning to ask for – and receiving – what is rightfully yours, is an essential component to building a happy … Read More

Remembering Jay

Yesterday was a significant day. It marked the passing of what would have been my personal transformation partner (I’m using his words here) Jay’s 39th birthday. Instead of sharing this day with him, I am celebrating it alone, as I … Read More

The Power of YES!

I spent Saturday working with a group of beautiful + brave women in my Power of YES! workshop. We talked a lot about their desires to lead, love and live more fully — and also what gets in the way … Read More

Reason, Season, Lifetime

Last month I wrote about meeting a new friend, and described the best I could, the spiritual dance that occurred before we actually said yes to the friendship. It was like the volume of her spirit was turned up and … Read More

I Have A Dream…(And So Do You!)

And everything else Dr. Martin Luther King stood for, took courage and undoubtedly challenged him in immeasurable ways. And yet, he bravely continued to stand up and fight for what he believed in. Over and over again. Because he, like … Read More


Yesterday, my friend, Delaram, and I met for lunch at one of my favorite local spots. We shared heart-felt conversation, over a cup of Chai and a steak sandwich, which was delicious by the way! YUM… Delaram is a Virtues … Read More

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes & Making Things Easier

Do you ever feel like your life could be defined by the soundtrack of music that randomly plays into your head? It is true for me, A LOT! And today, David Bowie is making a personal appearance as I contemplate … Read More

Right On Time (Divine Time, That Is)

We live in a culture that is obsessed with instant gratification (and virtually 24/7 access to whatever we want). And yet, sometimes the things we long for (and know in our deep heart to be true), actually take a long … Read More

The Size Of My Thighs Do Not Define Me

This post was inspired by, and is in response to, a FB post where someone I love was publicly shaming themselves for “eating too many breadsticks” while on vacation. She “jokingly” made a comment about needing someone to smack her … Read More